Tutorials on various UI topics, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc.

How to conditionally add a member to a JavaScript object? This article describes how to add a member to a JavaScript object only if a condition is met. We demostrate it in pure JS and also in JQuery.

JavaScript trim function is not working in IE8 The trim() function in IE8 is not defined. But all is not lost. You can write your own, or use jQuery’s built-in trim function.

Make column scrollable if it’s higher than other column This tutorial explains how to create a two-column layout, where one of the columns become scrollable if it’s height would exceed the other column’s height.

Change the text of a link via CSS A short tutorial on how to implement an Expand/Collapse link with changing text, using CSS.

Link with pseudo attribute is not clickable on mobile browser (Samsung Galaxy S3) The Samsung Galaxy S3 (and possibly other devices as well) produce a strange issue that causes links not to be clickable if pseudo attributes are used.