IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is developed by JetBrains (formerly known as IntelliJ), and is available as an Apache 2 Licensed community edition, and in a proprietary commercial edition. It is regarded as one of the best IDEs because of it’s many features supporting developers.

How to set up remote debugging in IntelliJ IDEA for a Java web application that is run by Tomcat Maven plugin In this tutorial I show you a quick and easy way to debug your Java web application that is run by the Tomcat Maven plugin.

Automatically remove unused imports in IntelliJ IDEA This article shows you how to remove the unused imports in your code in IntelliJ IDEA.




Eclipse and STS

Tutorials on the Eclipse Open Source IDE and its popular variation (Spring Tool Suite – STS) that is commonly used for developing Spring applications.

Disable git (EGit) functionality for a project in Eclipse/STS EGit is a popular plugin to use when you would like to add support for git repositories in your project, but you may not need it in every project.

Useful shortcuts in Eclipse and STS A list of the most useful shortcuts that are available by default in Eclipse or STS (Spring Tool Suite)