Dokuwiki SyntaxHighlighter3 plugin adds shadow around each character

When you install the SyntaxHighlighter3 plugin for DokuWiki you may notice that in your inserted codeblocks every word has it’s own little shadowed border around it. This is because in DokuWiki the <code> tag by default has this styling, and the SyntaxHighlighter3 plugin wraps every individual word in the code into one or more of this tags to properly format them.


If it doesn’t already exists, create a userstyle.css file in the conf directory of your DokuWiki installation. Append the following code to the file:

.syntaxhighlighter div.line code {
    box-shadow: 0 0 0.3em transparent inset;

Use the first heading as page name in DokuWiki

By default the text of the links that point to DokuWiki pages is the same as the page name, which is something like use_heading_as_page_name.

This is not too readable. Luckily DokuWiki provides a configuration option that lets you change this behaviour.

Open conf/local.php and add the following row to it:

$conf['useheading'] = 1;

The result of this setting is that the text of all links that point to DokuWiki pages will now be the same as the first heading of the page.