Disable git (EGit) functionality for a project in Eclipse/STS

Egit logo

EGit is a popular plugin to use when you would like to add support for git repositories in your project. It has a great number of features. It enables you to see changes compared to your last commit, view the history of a file, commit your changes, fetch new commits from a remote repository and so on.

It is definitely a really useful plugin, but you may not need it in every project (for example because you like using some other, external tool for managing you git repository).  In STS (Spring Tool Suite) this plugin is installed by default. But disabling the git functionality can speed up the IDE.

How to disable git support

If you don’t want to use the functionality of this plugin for a project, you can disable it using the following:

  1. Right click on a project in the Package Explorer.
  2. Click on Team -> Disconnect

Git disconnect