Pictures uploaded to Blogger post become grey

Recently I was writing my first ever blog post and wanted to include some screenshots in it. I uploaded the screenshots in Blogger’s editor and I noticed that something was off with them. It became even more apparent when I published the post and viewed it on the live site.

The images had too much grey in them. My first though was that I messed them up when converting to a smaller size, but quickly ruled out this possibility when I saw that the images on my local drive had no traces of the unwanted greyness.

The first image is the original, the second is after it was uploaded to blogger.



It turned out that Google has some “smart” algorithms which try to enhance to quality of your uploaded images. And of course it is enabled by default. I don’t know how they perform on regular pictures taken for example on a holiday, but they definitely do bad for screenshots with a lot of white in them.

The following images illustrate step-by-step how to turn this feature off: